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B.Sc. Physics/Chemistry/Maths

B.Sc. is an undergraduate curriculum that students take after completing their 10+2. The course primarily focuses on developing professionals aware of the Universe’s functional and fundamental aspects. It establishes the foundation of science, and applicants understand the chemical, physical, and mathematical sciences. The course intends to assist students in comprehending the significance of Physics and its applications, exploring chemical science, and enhancing human life quality. This course will also help and guide students to understand the research domain. After completing the B.Sc. course as per NEP (04 Years), students can pursue research activities. B.Sc. PCM helps pupils build an excellent intellectual level while exposing the many notions in science.

CAMPUS-IPS Academy Jhabua


Course Duration-3 year

Eligibility For B.Sc. Physics/Chemistry/Maths

Any student who has passed the qualifying examination (10+2) with Mathematics is eligible for B.Sc.(phy./chem./maths).

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