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B.Sc. (Bachelor Of Science) Horticulture

India is a land of Agriculture, where Horticulture is a branch concerned with cultivating garden plants, fruits, vegetables, flowers, and ornamental plants. 70 percent of India’s population is dependent on agriculture. Horticulture is one of the essential components of the agriculture sector, which has enormous potential to provide food and nutritional security. It also can bring prosperity to the nation by improving the farmers’ economic condition and agricultural stability. Upgrading the horticultural practices with the latest technology can fulfil this aspect.

Agriculture is the primary source of income in the Jhabua district, and its yield can be increased by using advanced technology. Therefore, considering this thought, IPS Academy, Jhabua, started Horticulture Department in 2019 and offered a B.Sc. course. Also, IPS Academy is the first institute in the district which start a Horticulture course.

Fieldwork is the significant component of this course, for which we have an area of 1200 square meters to cultivate different seasonal fruits and vegetables. The principal objective of the department is to impart technical knowledge with practical skills so that our students can contribute to the respective field of Horticulture.

CAMPUS-IPS Academy Jhabua


Course Duration-3 year

Career Opportunity

Eligibility For B.Sc.(Bachelor Of Science)Horticulture

Any student who has passed the qualifying examination (10+2)with Biology/agriculture is eligible for B.Sc. Horticulture.

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