IPS Academy Jhabua

Learning Pedagogy

Learning begins with a spark of interest. The faculties at IPSA Jhabua are a wonderful resource for kindling students’ interest via their pedagogical style, as evidenced by the high quality of education and several honours that IPSA Jhabua has received along its four-year path to excellence.Faculty knowledge of pedagogical teaching-learning approaches, Bloom’s taxonomy, and Outcome Based Education (OBE) is instilled by conducting numerous seminars and faculty development programmes in the department and Institute.

Expert lectures, seminars, mini projects, in-house and industry-supported projects, industry visits, industrial internships, hands-on tutorials, case studies, e-learning, NPTEL lectures, virtual lab, technical quiz, assignments, internal tests, and so on are used to ensure effective curriculum implementation. Topics outside the curriculum are discovered and taught in the classroom and the laboratory to expose students to the most recent industry developments. The Institute has taken an effort to give soft skill training, value-added courses, and counselling to students for their overall growth.

All the faculty members at IPSA Jhabua nurture the vision of the Institute and contribute towards the development of students into competent professionals who are of immense value for the industry as well as for society.

IPSA Jhabua motivates the students to run student clubs for conducting various academic, sports and competition-related activities.

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