Ips Academy Jhabua

Student's Clubs


The Students Club contributes a lot in providing multidimensional experiences to the students along with their academic activities. These provide opportunities for the student to leadership and participation in various fields. It is a platform where the overall development of the students takes place.
This “YUVA CLUB” is specifically aimed at helping students get involved in various activities and find their place on their college campuses.
These clubs play a vital role in channelizing and determining the passion and interest of the students. The extracurricular activities regularly organized by these clubs teach practical life lessons to the students, making them job ready and equipping them to face the bumpy road of survival in this cut-throat competitive world.

Chayachitra Club

Chayachitra Club it’s a club created for students those are interested in taking photographs. Here, through this club, we not only teach the skills of photography to the students, but we also show them how to make a career in this field.

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